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Our services are crafted to master the complexities of the digital age. We specialize in digital transformation strategies, cutting-edge technology implementation, and enhancing digital customer experiences. From streamlining online and mobile platforms to integrating advanced cloud technologies, our end-to-end solutions are designed for impact.

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Samlink Equation 2024

The Samlink Equation 2024

The banking industry is confronting a horizon filled with unparalleled challenges and exciting opportunities. In this age of constant innovation and transformative change, we’ve crafted this report to offer our perspective on the banking landscape in 2024. As we present this outlook, our goal is to equip banking professionals with the insights and strategies needed to not only navigate but thrive in the rapidly evolving banking environment, and how Samlink and Kyndryl can assist.
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Samlink Ecosystem Enabled Banking

Samlink Ecosystem Enabled Banking

The primary goal of this document is to guide banks and financial institutions in creating a future-ready and customer-centric future. It serves as an introductory guide to Samlink’s Ecosystem Enabled Banking offerings, including accelerators for those aspiring to develop a digital-native bank or modernize existing banking systems through innovative ecosystem solutions and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products.
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Breakfast Seminar with Samlink Advisory Services

The exclusive breakfast seminar on January 16th featured groundbreaking insights on digital transformation and the role of technology in reshaping financial services.
Participants praised the speakers, Pål KrogdahlManu KauppilaArto Sorvoja and Ville Sointu, for their engaging insights and valuable content. A huge thanks to our brilliant speakers and everyone who joined in. Your active participation is redefining the future of banking.

Let’s continue this journey together and stay tuned for the next breakfast seminar!

Co-Creation and the Garage Approach

Our approach to transformation is rooted in co-creation and a ‘garage approach’ – a dynamic, hands-on method of working alongside our clients. This model fosters innovation through collaboration, allowing us to develop bespoke solutions that are agile, scalable, and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals. In our ‘garage’, ideas evolve rapidly from concepts to reality, driven by a blend of expert guidance, shared creativity, and a commitment to achieving tangible results.

A Partner in Your Bank’s Transformation Journey

We are more than advisors; we are partners in your transformation journey. Our collaborative approach ensures solutions are not just innovative, but also practical and implementable, seamlessly integrating with your bank’s business objectives and IT infrastructure.

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Pål Krogdahl

Samlink Advisory Services – Shaping the Future of Banking

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Unlocking the Potential of Banks: Leveraging Advisory Services for Digital Transformation  

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Staying Ahead with Proactive Thought Leadership

In an industry marked by continual evolution, we remain proactive. Staying ahead of trends, regulatory shifts, and global best practices, we ensure your strategies are not only relevant but pioneering.


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