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Pål Krogdahl

As the calendar flipped to January 1st, 2024, Samlink took a significant stride into the future with the official launch of Samlink Advisory Services. This new endeavor is not just a business unit; it’s a key part of our transformation and the new face of Samlink, leveraging the deep heritage and expertise that Samlink has cultivated over decades. Our roots in developing and operating a Banking as a Platform solution for over 50 financial institutions have uniquely poised us to turn strategic visions into executable realities, from business conceptualization to application deployment, with a deep focus on core modernization and ecosystem enabled banking. 

Reflecting on our journey, it’s the unparalleled blend of seasoned banking consultants within our ranks that sets Samlink Advisory Services apart. Our team’s profound experience and insights into the banking sector enable us to provide unparalleled advisory services, focusing squarely on the translation of business strategy and needs into IT solutions and execution. 

Our commitment extends beyond advisory 

Looking forward, our trajectory is set towards focused growth and expansion from the Nordic, initially into Europe but with a target towards global expansion riding on the back of our parent company Kyndryl. As part of the expansion, we are on an accelerated growth trajectory, and currently continuing to expand our team with strong industry thought leaders, bringing transformative strategies to life for our clients in the financial services sector. Our commitment extends beyond advisory; we aim to be the harbinger of innovation and insight through industry reports and white papers, sculpting our core strengths into actionable intelligence for our clients, as their transformational partners with a focus on execution. 

With a solid foundation, a clear vision, and a dedicated team, we are poised to shape the future of Samlink as much more than just a Banking as a Platform provider. 

Pål Krogdahl
Director of Technology Strategy and Advisory Services 

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