About Us

Our Strategy and Values

Our Vision

Providing financial IT solutions and enabling success for our customers. Together, as a part of Kyndryl, we are empowered to grow.

This is what our vision states. Our mission is to be a technology services company that is a partner and an employer of choice.

When Samlink became A Kyndryl Company, our vision as well as strategy underwent an update. Our strategy revolves around three core pillars which represent the themes that we will be focusing on for the next years. The pillars are cyclic and impact one another: no focus area can be covered without taking care of the other focus areas as well, and none of them can flourish alone.

The Three Pillars of Our Strategy

Our People – The Heart of Progress

We are in a service business, so our people are everything. Without them, nothing happens. Having the best talent of the industry, current and future, is our heart of progress. In order to keep our talented employees and attract new ones, we want to maintain and develop our work culture so that every employee can work in an environment that fosters psychological safety and where all feel safe, seen and heard. We dismantle roadblocks ahead, bring solutions to the table and help each other grow professionally.

Attitude of Growth and Value

We want to be the number one choice for our clients now and in the future. We can succeed tomorrow only by doing well today. That is why we bravely develop new ways of working and give up our old habits if needed. Creating value is planted strongly in our DNA which we aim for by co-creating and offering tailor-made solutions to fit best the needs of our clients.

Stellar Customer Experience

Our objective is a stellar customer experience on IT solutions that our customers can rely on. We are open and frank with our clients and always deliver what we promise – and focus on creating the best customer experience as possible. In the future, we want to provide our clients clarity and vision of the future in the financial world as well.

Cultural Vision

The Kyndryl Way

The Kyndryl Way underpins everything we do. It is vital to our business growth. It describes a winning culture that is based on collaboration, mutual responsibility, and excellence. We are building this culture every day in our work together. It’s the foundation for achieving our purpose of advancing the vital systems that power human progress.


Flat to empower accountable, inclusive teams.


Fast to cultivate simplicity everywhere.


Focused to deliver exceptional services.


Restless to continuously anticipate, learn and innovate.


Empathetic to serve with trust and transparency.


Devoted to shared success.


A Services Culture Trusts on a Continuous Desire to Develop 

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