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Modernization of Services

Creating the Future of Financial Services

We believe in projects with clear business targets and goals to ensure clients get real value out of their transformation. Our progressive modernization through an incremental approach allows clients to focus on the IT systems that bring in the most value for the business.

What Does Modernization of Services Mean in Practice?

For us, it means combining cloud-native technologies with a mainframe-based core banking system. This innovative approach allows us to offer the best of both worlds, delivering a seamless and secure experience for our customers. We are also investing in the development of mainframe technology, recognizing its importance in critical business operations.

Join us in our mission to modernize services and experience the future of financial solutions!

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Future of Banking – Download Our Guidebook

Customer expectations, regulations, and technological advancements shape today’s businesses profoundly. The banking industry is under pressure to modernize old IT systems. Many banks have tried to modernize their IT in one massive project – only to see it fail. Smart transformation craves an incremental IT strategy.

We put together a guidebook to help you with financial regulations, cyber security, and customer expectations.

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Samlink Cloud
Cloud in the Horizon  

We help our clients on their progressive modernization journey by integrating the old and new, through modernized solutions and Cloud transformation journey. The new hybrid technology, combining Mainframe and Cloud technologies, enables the reliable and secure modernization of services. Security, privacy and compliance are the cornerstones that we consider the base of all trust.

We can offer the best service through partnering with key providers within the Samlink Partner ecosystem, including cloud-native BaaS platform providers. 

Whether you wish to modernize your existing workloads to Cloud or leverage BaaS solutions, at Samlink we have a secure, cost-effective solution for you.

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Samlink AI
Unlocking the Future Through AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the transformative potential in shaping the future of IT services and solutions. We are dedicated to harness this technology to enhance efficiency, deliver more personalized solutions, and provide innovative financial services – resulting in more value to our clients.

Our journey has begun with data exploration, where we’ve collected and analyzed data to uncover opportunities for AI-driven improvements.

The next step? Testing AI solutions in specific areas of our business to assess their potential benefits. We’re planning to integrate AI into our core lending processes and supercharge application development and testing.

Our ultimate goal? Seamlessly integrate AI into banking processes, automating routine tasks and improving decision-making. This will not only enhance our services but also streamline software development, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Banking IT Strategy Arto Sorvoja

Banking IT Strategy 2030 – Maximizing the Return on your Digital Investment 

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Partner Network

Our goal is to grow our cloud-native partner network to capture new business opportunities. Through partnerships, we aim to achieve industry synergies.

Collaboration with Aura Cloud

Samlink’s strong visibility and experience in the finance industry, combined with Aura Cloud’s modern banking platform, create significant benefits together. The unique solution created through collaboration simplifies gradual modernization, enabling banks to move to the cloud partially or entirely. Our customers receive a cost-effective product that enables secure and time-saving services.


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