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Towards a better tomorrow

Our responsibility mindset is based on the sustainability strategy of our parent company Kyndryl.  

In the beginning of 2023, we paused to consider which areas we want to prioritize from a sustainability perspective. This resulted in four sustainability themes under which we have started brainstorming and implementing actions that create good around us. 

Our sustainability journey is still in its early stages, but step by step, we are on our way towards a better tomorrow. Even though we are just getting started, we are excited and committed to our CSR themes and acting as an exemplary company for the benefit of our society. 

Get to know our CSR themes below!

Employer of Choice

We want to ensure that the best people in the industry stay with us and become part of the organization. That is why Samlink invests in the wellbeing of its employees in a variety of ways and enables and supports the development of their skills. Samlink develops and fosters the Kyndryl Way culture where everyone feels psychologically safe and free to be themselves in the workplace. The aim is to ensure that everyone in Samlink can be proud of their employer and their working community.

Raising Awareness Through Expertise

In the future, Samlink will be known as a key player in promoting awareness of issues related to its field. Samlink operates in the financial sector, where, for example, information security is of great importance. We have a lot of experience in this area, which can benefit society as a whole. Samlink communicates widely about data security and other topics related to Samlink’s activities, which can promote greater awareness of these issues. The theme is broad and allows a variety of actions under it. 

Environment First in Daily Operations

Samlink takes account of environmental considerations in all its activities. In everyday life, it means doing small things and encouraging all staff to participate in them. On a larger scale, environmental considerations are integrated into decision-making. We actively communicate about our environmental values to our people, which ideally translates into concrete daily practices among Samlink employees.

Economical Transparency

We can only promote the different aspects of corporate social responsibility if our company is in a good financial position. The profitability, competitiveness and efficiency of the business are ensured and communicated in a planned and regular manner. This growth mindset should be in line with regular financial communication. Balanced finances and high-quality risk management create security, which is good for the society around us.  

“As we operate in the finance industry, we have a special responsibility to act transparently and openly for the benefit of society. We continuously want to promote equality and inclusivity in all our operations. Our sustainability journey is in its beginning, but one day we aspire to be a front-runner as a responsible business operator. The support of our parent company Kyndryl brings a strong foundation to this goal.”

Sirpa Auervirta
Head of Communications 

Small Actions Every Day

As we develop the big picture of our sustainability work, we strive to make small good deeds in our daily lives and bring a sustainability perspective into every workday. 

Samlink Cares Program – Volunteering at Work Time

We provide our employees with the opportunity to use up to eight hours of working time per year for voluntary work. Working for a good cause of one’s choice makes a positive impact on the world and makes the power of unity visible in the world around us. 

Contributions to charity

Samlink participates in charity events and supports selected charitable organizations. This year, we sponsored Team Rynkeby Espoo cycling team, which raises money for seriously ill children. We also make an annual Christmas donation to a different charity. 

Hybrid work and eco-friendly commuting

A large portion of our employees work from home for most of their workdays, significantly reducing emissions from their commutes. We encourage our employees to cycle to work by offering a bicycle benefit. At our Espoo office, we have shared bicycles that can be used for short distances in an environmentally friendly way.

Opportunities for development

We offer our employees the opportunity to train themselves using the extensive training library of Kyndryl. 

Reasonable finances

We invest in risk management and controlled growth. We regularly communicate openly about our financial activities. 

Making employees’ voices heard

Our employees are involved in decision-making in various ways. For example, we developed our strategy together with our employees. 

Communication creates understanding

Sustainability communication is part of our internal communication strategy. We publish monthly sustainability content for our employees and strive to increase their understanding of various topics. 

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Towards a Better Tomorrow

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