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Partner of Choice

Partner of Choice

We strive to be your Partner of Choice. Our stellar customer experience consists of agile and flexibly delivered IT solutions that our customers can rely on. We want to be our customers’ first choice. We do what we promise, honestly and openly.

Runway Towards the Future of Banking

Digitalization in the banking industry cannot be overstated. It is vital for your business to choose the right partner for your needs. We’ve got IT covered.

”We can help you to have the runway you need, to execute the progressive modernization in a safe, low-risk, and value-creating manner.”

Arto Sorvoja

Vice President & Senior Partner

Support and Expertise on the Digital Journey

Finnish Savings Banks’ Group is one of Samlink’s oldest clients. Together with Kyndryl, we assist this client in their digital journey and ensure the continuity of their critical services. 

The CIO of Finnish Savings Banks’ Group, Pekka Suomalainen, is very pleased with how the integration of Samlink and Kyndryl has been perceived by clients, bringing in new expertise and competencies, particularly in the areas of Mainframe, security, and public cloud. 

We have high hopes that Samlink, together with Kyndryl, can help us with our digital transformation while maintaining the operation of existing services and ensuring business security.

Säästöpankkiryhmä Pekka Suomalainen ja Samlink Arto Sorvoja

Savings Bank Group Partners with Samlink for Cloud-based IT Modernization

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Successful Collaboration – Samlink and OmaSp

Samlink and OmaSp (Oma Savings Bank) commit themselves to improving cost efficiency, which will benefit both parties: when the costs of the technical solutions behind the services remain at a reasonable level, the customer can continue to invest in technology.

Samlink is OmaSp’s most important IT partner, and responsible for the development and maintenance of OmaSp’s banking systems. Samlink strives to find new solutions that benefit OmaSp’s business.

“We expect a lot from our cooperation as Samlink has strong expertise in developing IT services in the financial sector. We develop our IT systems as reasonable entities and from the business needs of OmaSp. Through long-term cooperation, we aim for an even more modern and cost-effective IT environment.”

Pasi Sydänlammi
CEO of Oma Savings Bank

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Samlink OmaSp Customer Experience

Crafting a Winning Customer Experience: Oma Savings Bank's Path to Success 

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Behind Good Customer Satisfaction are Skilled and Friendly Service Desk Specialists

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Partner Network

Our goal is to grow our cloud-native partner network to capture new business opportunities. Through partnerships, we aim to achieve industry synergies.

Collaboration with Aura Cloud

Samlink’s strong visibility and experience in the finance industry, combined with Aura Cloud’s modern banking platform, create significant benefits together. The unique solution created through collaboration simplifies gradual modernization, enabling banks to move to the cloud partially or entirely. Our customers receive a cost-effective product that enables secure and time-saving services.


Get to know Aura Cloud

International Dimension of Samlink

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