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In the financial industry, all action requires special transparency and openness. Equality and inclusivity are important values to us, which we continuously strive to develop.

We also aim to keep people informed about what is happening within the company. This is the only way to make people genuinely committed to their workplace.

In early 2023, we decided on responsibility themes for Samlink, to which we are committed. These themes serve as the basis for advancing our operations and carrying out small, positive actions every day.

Sustainability Themes as Part of our Everyday Life

Our sustainability themes are based on Kyndryl’s sustainability strategy, and they are as following:

Employer of Choice

We want to ensure that the industry’s best professionals want to work with us. We invest in the well-being of our employees and support their skill development and training. We maintain a diverse Kyndryl Way culture, which means that everyone can work in a psychologically safe environment, being their authentic selves. We want every Samlink employee to take pride in both their employer and their work community.

Raising Awareness Through Expertise

Samlink possesses abundant expertise in various subject areas, which we aim to harness for the promotion of the common good. Our goal is for Samlink to be recognized in the future as a promoter of awareness in both the finance and IT sectors.

Environment First in Daily Operations

We take the environmental perspective into account in our operations. This involves highlighting environmental values and encouraging small actions that we promote throughout our entire personnel.

Economical Transparency

We can only act in line with sustainability goals if our company’s financial situation is strong. We take care of and communicate the profitability, competitiveness, and efficiency of our business regularly and openly. Through a balanced economy and quality risk management, we create value for the surrounding society as well.

Small but concrete actions

True sustainability is not just about words in speeches but small everyday actions. We strive to incorporate actions into our daily lives that bring sustainability closer to all of us, as a natural part of the work environment.

Here are a few examples of our everyday actions:

Remote work and commuting by bicycle:

Remote work is often not only time-efficient but also reduces emissions from commuting. We encourage our staff to commute by bicycle, for example, by offering a bicycle benefit. At our Espoo office, we also provide bicycles for shared use.

Charitable causes:

We participate in charity events and support carefully selected charitable organizations. This year, we are sponsoring the Team Rynkeby Espoo cycling team, which raises funds for children’s cancer research. We also make an annual donation to a rotating charitable organization, with employees traditionally having the opportunity to vote on the recipient.

Investing in employee development:

Kyndryl offers a wide range of training options that we provide for the benefit of our employees.

Transparency and openness in financial matters:

We strive to be transparent and open about our finances. We communicate regularly, actively and comprehensibly about our financial activities.

Employees as part of decision-making:

At our organization, employees have a genuine opportunity to influence matters and we strive to involve our staff in decision-making processes in various ways. For example, our strategy has been developed in collaboration with our employees. People are our most valuable resource. Therefore, it is particularly important that employees thrive in their work and that the work environment is a safe place for everyone. We aim to enhance the expertise of our staff and communicate openly about topics such as the development of the economy and future prospects.

Samlink’s journey towards sustainability is just beginning, but our goal is to continually improve our practices based on sustainability themes.