A Glimpse into the Past Fiscal Year and Goals for 2025

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Arto Sorvoja

Samlink’s Vice President and Senior Partner, Arto Sorvoja, provides insights into the company’s accomplishments over the past fiscal year and outlined the goals for the upcoming year. He highlights three major themes that encapsulate Samlink’s focus and achievements.

1. Focus on Modernizing Client Systems:

Samlink is dedicated to supporting their clients’ modernization and transformation projects.

–Over the past year, we have initiated several critical projects with our clients, focusing on modernizing their IT systems, Sorvoja says.

This intense focus on modernization has been crucial in helping clients transition to more efficient and up-to-date systems.

2. Investment in Cutting-Edge Banking IT Expertise:

Samlink has made substantial investments in acquiring and developing top-tier banking IT capabilities. The new Advisor Services unit has been established, and various competencies been built, that position the company at the forefront of banking IT expertise. These efforts have been tested both domestically and internationally, laying the groundwork for future growth.

3. Internal Transformation and Organizational Overhaul:

During the latest fiscal year, Samlink has also been doing significant internal restructuring.

–Last year, we completed the largest organizational and operational model overhaul in our history, Sorvoja notes. This transformation was aimed to enhance Samlink’s ability to operate efficiently and customer-centrically. The changes have already begun showing positive results, benefiting both the company and our clients.

Industry Outlook and Evolving Client Needs

Banking industry is under pressure to transform their old systems. AI and automation gaining a foothold, Sorvoja highlights the ongoing need for banks to modernize their legacy IT systems.

–Banks are continuously seeking cost-effective ways to modernize their systems while focusing on value creation and business-driven transformation. Regulatory pressures also remain a significant challenge for banks, necessitating a balance between compliance and business development.

For the current fiscal year, Samlink has two primary goals.

Continuous investment in people and capabilities is paramount. This includes strengthening the integration with Kyndryl, aiming to leverage global tools and processes to benefit Samlink’s clients.

The second goal is focused on growth, both in the domestic market and internationally. Samlink is poised for growth, with new client acquisitions on the horizon. Realizing this growth will be a key objective for the company in the coming year.

–Our ultimate goal is to build capabilities that enable our client banks to emerge as winners from this transformation. This involves providing reliable IT services and fostering a dynamic, agile organization that can deliver top-notch banking IT expertise, Sorvoja concludes.