Crafting a Winning Customer Experience: Oma Savings Bank’s Path to Success 

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Samlink OmaSp Customer Experience

In today’s highly competitive financial landscape, a bank’s success hinges not only on the services it offers but also on the quality of the customer experience it provides. Banks that prioritize and excel in delivering exceptional customer experience stand out in the industry and foster long-lasting relationships with their clients.  

Samlink’s Head of Communication and Marketing, Sirpa Auervirta got a chance to visit Oma Savings Bank’s new premises in Seinäjoki and meet with their CCO, Minna Sillanpää 

– By hearing their stories and witnessing the operations firsthand, I was deeply moved by their commitment to place the customer at the center of everything, highlights Auervirta. 

Customer is the core of OmaSp’s strategy. Their slogan “Lähellä ja Läsnä” means “Local and Close” in English, which reflects OmaSp’s dedication to provide a close and personal banking experience to its customers. It suggests that the bank aims to be physically close to the customers through its branch network while also being present and attentive to the customers’ financial needs. 

– To me, OmaSp has been able to create a winning culture externally and internally. We are proud to be the IT provider for them, emphasizes Auervirta.  

Above and beyond

When entering an OmaSp bank, the customer is greeted by a customer service representative as the first point of contact, and the customers are free to take refreshments while waiting for the booked appointment. All service representatives are approachable, friendly, and equipped with the ability to treat people with inclusivity and emotional intelligence.  

– One contributing factor to good customer experience is not only the highly satisfied customers, but also the highly engaged and motivated employees, says Sillanpää. 

A crucial element in building great customer experience in banking is going above and beyond in meeting customer expectations. It is a combination of personalized services, digital convenience, transparency, and a commitment to continuous improvement. 

– In every client relationship, it is always about people who should be treated with empathy, respect, and inclusivity. Active listening seems to be the highlight of today’s customer experience, concludes Sillanpää.