Power of SIAM

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As businesses increasingly have multiple service providers and SaaS software providers delivering IT services, the need for a structured approach to manage and integrate these providers becomes essential. This is where Service Integration and Management (SIAM) comes in. Samlink’s SIAM Pro takes care of the complexities, so clients can focus on what matters most – delivering outstanding customer service.

SIAM is a methodology designed to ensure that multiple service providers work together effectively to deliver high-quality services to the end user.

– SIAM Pro enables clients to focus on their core business, offer top-notch services and customer experience. Businesses can minimize the risk of failing to achieve desired outcomes, while also expanding and innovating with new services and processes, claims Service Control Manager Markus Saintola.

Samlink’s SIAM Pro services include for example process ownership and management, service provider onboarding and management, building and managing Operational Level Agreements, monitoring, reporting, and consulting – emphasizing customer-centricity and continuous service improvement.

– SIAM Pro brings together disparate parts of the IT landscape and harmonizes them for optimal performance, says Saintola.

Single point of contact

Before the implementation of SIAM, clients are often faced with a daunting and confusing mess of services, products, providers, processes, and other critical aspects that need to be managed and coordinated effectively.

– One of the most significant issues clients face, is the insufficient communication and coordination between the stakeholders such as service providers, customers, and other third-party suppliers. The lack of clear communication is challenging when it comes to critical services, such as our client banks typically deliver. It is important in normal daily operations, but it becomes vital when something in the complex system fails, adds Saintola.

According to Saintola, SIAM Pro will help clients manage and coordinate better their critical services, resulting in improved performance, increased efficiency, and better value for money.

– With our services, clients get a streamlined and simplified experience.

SIAM Pro services are provided by the Samlink’s Service Integration Office. SIO prioritizes the best interests of its clients and provides a single point of contact for them.

– Our experienced SIO team has the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate all components of a client’s ecosystem into an end-to-end service. We ensure that the performance meets with the business needs while facilitating communication among all parties involved, says Saintola.