Oma Savings Bank Signed a Multi-Year Agreement With Kyndryl

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February 28, 2022 – Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, and OmaSp, the largest savings bank in Finland, today announced a multi-year agreement to extend their collaboration, enabling the bank to continue providing premier digital solutions for their customers and accelerate time to market.

OmaSp has engaged Kyndryl and its recent acquisition Samlink to jointly continue the IT transformation journey to meet the business needs of OmaSp. OmaSp can confidently explore new business opportunities that expand its personalised, trusted digital banking experience for customers.

Kyndryl brings the scale of global talent and strength of delivery to this collaboration, along with the technology and application expertise of the Samlink team. Kyndryl also ensures seamless business continuity through execution, maintaining strong security and data protection that enhance its operational resilience.

“We expect a lot from our cooperation as Kyndryl-Samlink has strong expertise in developing IT services in the financial sector. From the perspective of the financial industry, it is great that they are investing in the expertise of banking industry in Finland. We develop our IT systems as reasonable entities and from the business needs of OmaSp. Through long-term cooperation, we aim for an even more modern and cost-effective IT environment,” says Pasi Sydänlammi, CEO of Oma Savings Bank.

“Kyndryl has deep experience in providing advanced technology and expertise to deliver secure, compliant and resilient managed infrastructure and applications. We are ready to help OmaSp with our expertise in running some the world’s most critical infrastructures across multiple industries, especially in financial services,” says Anil Joshi, Managing Director, Kyndryl Finland.

“Our team brings deep experience in advancing enterprise digital journey while taking an agile and flexible approach to help our customer achieve their goals with a focus on security, resilience and sustainability. On top of managing zCloud workloads and core enterprise services, I am pleased OmaSp trusts in our capabilities in application development and management,” addsSenior Partner for Samlink, Arto Sorvoja.

Finland is one of the most digitally advanced markets with high customer expectations. The demand to provide up-to-date solutions and speed up time to market is challenging, both in terms of having access to relevant skills and robust IT platform. Banks are balancing legacy environment with latest technological enhancements, while ensuring highest levels of business continuity.