Enhancing Advisory Services with Risk & Security Expertise 

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Security Advisory Services

In our daily operations at Samlink’s Risk & Security Unit, we tackle a multitude of tasks ranging from risk management to regulatory compliance. As a financial services provider to our Client Banks, we prioritize addressing security concerns, supporting security needs, and meeting regulatory requirements.

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, staying ahead of emerging risks is paramount. We diligently monitor new threats and assess their potential impact on Samlink and our clients. The insights we gather fuel the continuous improvement of our detection capabilities and inform our strategies for protection, response, and recovery across short, medium, and long-term horizons. 

One of our current regulatory focuses is on implementing the EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), set to take full effect in mid-January 2025. DORA extends its reach to cover all financial sector organizations, including third-party service providers like us. At Samlink, we’re actively preparing to meet and exceed these new standards to ensure compliance and uphold the integrity of our services. 

With a combined experience of nearly 160 years across various business sectors, our Risk & Security Unit has proved its expertise in information security, risk management, and privacy. In recent years, we’ve leveraged this wealth of knowledge to develop robust management systems tailored to the unique demands of the financial industry. Equipped with our extensive experience and refined skills, we’re well-positioned to provide comprehensive support to our new Advisory Services business unit. 

Teaming up with Pål Krogdahl (Director of Technological Strategy and Advisory Services), we’ve crafted a series of workshops that draw from our collective experience at Samlink and within financial institutions. We firmly believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential tools for mitigating risks in the financial sector. Our workshops cover a range of topics including risk management, regulatory compliance, DORA implementation, and security posture assessment. By fostering a culture of cooperation, we aim to strengthen our collective resilience against cyber threats and other risks. 

In conclusion, our commitment to excellence, integrity, and proactive risk management drives us to support our clients and partners on their journey toward a safer and more resilient future. Together, let’s navigate the complexities of risk and security, empowering Advisory Services to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.