Ecosystem Model Combines the Best Services 

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The banking and finance sector is undergoing significant changes, with system modernization, artificial intelligence, and cloud services rapidly becoming part of our daily lives. 

In a changing world, even well-established processes and models need to evolve. Samlink’s new ecosystem model represents a modern approach to developing banking systems. 

– Traditionally, banks have used customized systems built for their specific needs. However, the world is changing rapidly, regulations are evolving, and innovations are constantly emerging. All of this requires more flexible and cost-effective solutions. That’s why Samlink has embraced the ecosystem model, which enables clients to have a flexible and functional solution, explains Kari Huoponen, Director of Sales and Business Development at Samlink. 

Combining Pieces Within the Architecture

The ecosystem model differs from the traditional approach in that it does not focus on offering a single system but allows for the combination of pieces from various areas to meet each client’s specific requirements. It’s not feasible for one vendor to do everything, so collaboration with several software companies is essential. These offered pieces are then assembled to meet regulations and standards. 

Huoponen emphasizes that this architecture-based model relies on standards like BIAN, which define how different parts communicate with each other. The BIAN architecture provides frameworks and defines interfaces, allowing for the versatile combination of different parts within them. 

– The pieces to be combined can include solutions for payment traffic, mobile banks, loan management systems, and security solutions. With the ecosystem model, banks can choose the best pieces from different vendors and seamlessly integrate them into their own environment. 

Flexible Individual Solutions

The ecosystem model enables banks to have a modern, regulation-compliant system that is easy to maintain and develop. It also allows agile process renewal. 

– The solutions are individual for each customer. Samlink serves various banks, each of which can be offered a common foundation and integrated solutions according to their own business strategy. 

The transition to the ecosystem model began about two years ago when Samlink became part of the parent company Kyndryl. This approach has sparked interest in the banking industry, and Samlink’s collaboration with other technology vendors is increasing all the time. 

Collaboration with other industry players is also changing the nature of the industry. When each supplier executes their part of the package, we are no longer talking about competition between players, creating a completely new space for inter-company synergy.