Continuously Enhancing Security to Unveil Ongoing Efforts 

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At the heart of Samlink lies a dedication that transcends the immediate response to security incidents. While we excel in addressing urgent matters demanding swift attention, there exists a facet of our operations that remains lesser-known to the average client – the realm of continuous services and perpetual service enhancement.

A core aspect of our ongoing endeavors involves conducting routine vulnerability scans across all internal and external devices. These meticulous scans encompass user devices, servers, and network systems. The primary objective is to unearth potential openings that malicious actors could exploit. These findings serve as the bedrock for subsequent actions undertaken by our Operations teams. Tasks may involve applying patches to rectify vulnerabilities or, in cases where patches are unavailable, implementing compensatory measures to curtail the susceptibility to potential attacks until a patch is developed. 

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond routine scans. Regular engagements with our clients are an integral part of our service. Monthly presentations offer our clients a comprehensive overview of their security environment’s posture. These sessions delve into various crucial aspects such as threat intelligence, potential risks impacting our clients, and pivotal security metrics. Metrics encompass parameters like patch levels and malware detections, providing clients with a clear picture from a security standpoint.

In our relentless pursuit of security, collaboration plays a pivotal role. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) teams analyze copious amounts of log data to identify anomalies. Regular interactions with the SOC team allow for the scrutiny of false positives, refining our detection rules to focus solely on pertinent data requiring immediate action. 

Continuous improvement is woven into the fabric of our operations. Our focal points include proactive risk identification and management, aligning with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) through requisite enhancements in our third-party assessments, and bolstering capabilities in cyber threat intelligence. We also draw from audit reports, implementing enhancements in people, processes, and technology—a vital step in evolving and strengthening our security measures. 

At Samlink, our commitment to ensuring the utmost security for our clients transcends the conventional, embracing a continuous cycle of improvement and vigilance.