A Services Culture Trusts on a Continuous Desire to Develop 

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Psychological safety is a requirement for a successful and thriving workplace. At Samlink, it is important that everyone can express their own views. The cultural vision is called The Kyndryl Way.

At Samlink, the focus is not only on the present but also firmly on the future. The company does not settle for what it is now, but instead aims resolutely towards what it can be. Continuous learning is emphasized at both individual and organizational levels.

The cultural vision, Kyndryl Way, was created through international collaboration, involving employees from Kyndryl, the parent company of Samlink, across the globe.

– Like Kyndryl, Samlink has a clear growth strategy that includes a strong desire to be a technology services company that is a partner, and an employer of choice for current and potential employees. Achieving these goals requires an examination of culture, among other things, comments Esa Torniainen, Kyndryl’s HR Transition and Transformation Manager. Torniainen has been closely involved in the Kyndryl-Samlink integration over the past year.

The best results are achieved by working together

Co-creation is an accurate term to describe Samlink’s operations. Within the framework of Samlink’s practices, the company’s own strategy is combined with the culture of its parent company, Kyndryl.

– We pay special attention to inclusivity, which means equality and the opportunity for everyone to participate. We aim to create atmosphere where everyone feels well and finds their work meaningful every single day, says Torniainen.

The six core principles of the Kyndryl Way serve as guidelines for building Samlink’s culture:

  • Restless to continuously anticipate, learn and innovate.
  • Empathetic to serve with trust and transparency.
  • Devoted to shared success.
  • Flat to empower accountable and inclusive teams.
  • Fast to cultivate simplicity everywhere.
  • Focused to deliver exceptional services.