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Tuula Lahti Wants to Know How the Team is Really Doing

According to Tuula Lahti, the best thing is to see people succeed in their work.

Lahti joined Samlink as a Software Developer in 2008. Since then, she has also worked as a Scrum Master and a Service Group Manager. Currently, she works as a Department Manager within a team that focuses on Mainframe technology.

The team consists of around forty highly skilled and responsible experts. One of the key objectives in the department is knowledge sharing, as the current top performers are gradually approaching retirement age. To ensure the expertise in legacy technology, Samlink established the Cobol Academy in collaboration with Academic Work, and 10 freshly recruited Academic Work experts have just started in the teams.

At Samlink, all team leaders, including Lahti, are strong experts in their respective areas of operation. Thanks to her experience as SW Developer, she has an in-depth understanding of Mainframe technology. Having a broad understanding of the technology makes it easier to discuss matters with department personnel.

As the department expands, the Service Group Manager, Markus Lehtonen has recently taken on a leadership role in addition to Lahti. Lehtonen receives compliments and gratitude from her.

– I have found a great work partner in Markus. With him, we can bounce ideas off each other and develop our department’s operations together. We are able to focus better on development work, which is crucial for the business. Brainstorming and working together are truly fantastic and productive.

In the future, Lahti hopes that the expert teams could be brought closer to the customers. Within the teams, there is a lot of expertise that could significantly contribute to the development of customers’ businesses.

Presence and genuine interest in people

Lahti’s goal is to become a better leader day by day. The desire to learn, curiosity, and continuous self-improvement characterize her way of living – including a positive attitude toward work and life in general. There is a strong belief that everything can be accomplished in one way or another.

In her current role, Lahti finds great happiness in finding solutions to challenging tasks or problems together with personnel. The success of others and the shared joy that comes from it is the best experience one can have in the workplace.

As a leader, it is important for Lahti to be genuinely present, listen, and support the team. When there is a positive and encouraging atmosphere at work, employees thrive. The results of work are incomparably better than in the opposite situation.

– It’s my habit to ask people how they’re doing and I also encourage my team to chat about this and that during remote meetings. This way, we can reconnect and recreate that relaxed and enjoyable office atmosphere that we’ve missed in recent years!

The immeasurable power of team spirit

Recently, the team has undergone significant changes. Seven experts from Budapest, Hungary joined the team, resulting in a switch to English as the working language.

Initially, it was not entirely clear how the work would proceed in the future, but to Lahti’s delight, they soon realized the importance of team spirit in the change.

– Suddenly, I noticed that the language of our daily Teams meetings switched to English more easily. Team members have been supportive and helpful to each other. Even though we may not be perfect, we are able to get things done, and we are constantly getting to know each other and learning more. Over time, this will become a great experience for all of us, something we can be happy and proud of together!

Who: Tuula Lahti
Education: Software Developer through Apprenticeship
Expertise:  Leadership, Mainframe-technology