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Miikka Laiho

Miikka Laiho keeps the wheels rolling 

The role as a Partner and COO offers challenges and opportunities for learning. There is never a dull day at work.  

In April 2023, Miikka Laiho, who had previously worked at IBM, joined Samlink from its parent company Kyndryl. He has extensive experience in the IT industry, particularly in sales, sales management, and operational management. 

Laiho ended up in his current role because he was seeking new challenges. And indeed, there have been plenty of challenges and opportunities for learning, making every day at work far from boring. Samlink is an intriguing combination of what he already has experience in and what he has yet to explore. New things, people, and continuous learning are the factors that drive him forward. 

As a Partner, Laiho works with Samlink’s largest accounts alongside the customer managers. In his role as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), he is responsible for keeping internal matters in order and ensuring the smooth operation of the organization. Additionally, he is actively engaged in maintaining communication with the parent company. 

– My personal aspiration is to collaborate as much as possible with our major clients. I am interested in enhancing customer well-being and business growth. 

The value of work is found in a clear and coherent whole 

Unlike most of the employees at Samlink, Laiho has a business education. 

Understanding the banking industry and the ecosystem between its stakeholders are challenges that keep the interest alive day after day. 

As technology becomes more complex, it is important for companies to produce solutions correctly and present them in a clear manner to the awareness of clients that is, company management. This is where Laiho’s greatest expertise lies. 

– My strengths definitely lie in organization and coordination skills. I am skilled at simplifying even complex matters, which is likely why I have been successful in my work for a long time without having a technical background in the field. Our clients’ management is interested in the value we bring, not necessarily the small details, and I excel at showcasing this to them. 

A tremendous change brings opportunities 

In recent times, there have been significant changes happening at Samlink. Many of our clients are amidst major transformations, and Samlink must adapt alongside them. The new direction is to become a more commercially oriented player in the field. 

– Samlink possesses an immense amount of expertise that cannot be found elsewhere. I am already highly impressed by this, and based on my previous experience, I can confidently say that this level of expertise is on par with any larger corporation, without a doubt! 

With the entire company being amidst change and facing new challenges, it is crucial to streamline and structure the overall operations and clarify what we aim to achieve. Sometimes, this may involve significant changes to established practices. 

– Previously, Samlink has been a ‘one-stop-shop’ for clients, but the industry is progressively moving towards an ecosystem of operators. As technology becomes more complex, it’s not necessary for everyone to have expertise in everything. Some parts are developed in-house, but the key now and in the future is undoubtedly networking. It is essential to find balance, where we gather the best components from the ecosystem and integrate them in each other. This way, we can meet the needs of our clients, which is ultimately the fundamental reason why we do this work! 

Who: Miikka Laiho
Education: MBA
Expertise: sales management, operational activities