Lauri Tommila

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Lauri Tommila solves challenges for banks

Lauri Tommila gets to use logical reasoning and investigate complex problems in his work. 

Tommila can rightfully be called a senior of Samlink, as he has been working in the company already for 17.5 years. He initially joined Samlink as a Project Manager for an investment system renovation project, and that path has taken him along – currently, he works as a Product Development Manager in the investment area. Even before joining Samlink, Tommila had a keen interest in financial transactions and investments, which led him to work at Arvopaperikeskus (Central Securities Depository) for a long time.

During his work in the investment system field, Tommila has witnessed a lot. There have been significant upheavals as banks transitioned their systems, processes have been developed from scratch, and tailored according to needs.

— In my work, there is naturally an advantage in having expertise in the investment field and understanding how investment systems generally operate. This job also requires logical reasoning, as there are often complex issues that need to be investigated on my desk. Here, I get to solve situations, develop new things, and contemplate how something could be made even better, Tommila states.

Diverse challenges are solved through teamwork

Five people work on Tommila’s team. Some operate the investment system, in addition to performing various system-related tasks. Tommila’s role includes supporting and advising the team, but also interfacing with customers and solving their problems.

Typical tasks carried out by Tommila’s team may involve troubleshooting problems reported by banks. These issues can be related to business operations or have a highly technical nature, which can make finding solutions challenging.

— We have a great team with whom we collectively solve these challenges. However, the work itself is relatively independent, and it carries just the right amount of responsibility.

Modernizing operations and processes is important

Over the years, systems and processes have been significantly improved. Processes have been enhanced, and operations have been standardized and modernized. According to Tommila, the banking industry is evolving, but at a moderate pace.

— In the banking industry, and especially in systems, certain principles apply, within which the development of operations must take place. Certain aspects can be reformed but within the framework set by these principles. Some things remain constant over the decades. Of course, modern processes streamline workflow progression.

According to Tommila, the future of the banking industry appears relatively stable.

– The industry operates amidst constant change. However, it is the kind of sector where job roles don’t change overnight. One must keep up with the world and the innovations it brings, adapting to changes. Over the years, people have become accustomed to that.

Who: Lauri Tommila
Education: Master of Science
Expertise: leadership, investment systems, operations