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Katariina Aaltonen Samlink

Katariina Aaltonen is developing business in card payments  

The Product Specialist for the card payments area is eagerly awaiting new development phases in digital payments.  

Katariina Aaltonen has a long history in roles as a Product Specialist and Product Manager. Currently as a Product Specialist in the card payments area at Samlink her broad job description encompasses product development, evolving the business perspective, and collaborating with other teams to produce solution descriptions. Additionally, she maintains communication with clients and discusses product development-related aspects with them.

In her work, Aaltonen particularly values her initiative, ability to handle pressure, and persistency. The evolving future demands continuous refinement and deepening of expertise.

— Active responsibility for project progression and maintaining the overall picture is part of my role. Positive collaboration skills and social abilities are also greatly beneficial in my work. I enjoy the dynamic pace of the card payments area.

Positive challenges bring meaningfulness to the work

In her job, Aaltonen particularly enjoys the company of her colleagues as well as open discussions with customers. The various tasks related to development provide new perspectives, keeping the job interesting from day to day. Solving identified issues and seeking solutions, in general, bring a positive challenge to the job.

— In the world of cards, there are many directives, and solving issues related to them, as well as applying legislation to find the best solutions is inherently challenging. However, every time such a situation is resolved, we can be glad that we have once again learned something new.

Interpersonal collaboration is a significant resource

At Samlink, people are not only experts in their respective fields but also helpful and open. Aaltonen considers the people-centered work culture to be the absolute best aspect of the community, which naturally affects the success of the business as well.

— Determination, taking initiative, and solution-oriented thinking are our common traits. Within the company, there is an accepting and supportive spirit, which is why anyone here can ask for help from anyone else – here no one needs to solve problems alone. An open and pleasant atmosphere brings the kind of energy to the workplace that fosters a relaxed and productive environment, even through challenging situations.

In the future, digital payments and card business will change according to consumer choices. At this stage, it is not possible to predict the direction but Aaltonen is looking forward to upcoming changes.

— I believe that cards will remain part of payments, but the way they will be used in the future, remains to be seen. Changes are happening all the time, and the industry keeps evolving.  This requires us to engage in bold experiments and maintain curiosity about the future, while also conducting continuous research and monitoring user preferences. My personal interest in this particular topic keeps the necessary drive alive.

Who: Katariina Aaltonen
Education:  Bachelor of Business Administration in Information technology
Expertise: card payments