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Jaro Väisänen paints a human-centered worldview 

A software architect needs to understand the needs of both people and systems. 

Jaro Väisänen jumped on board with Samlink directly from school, about six years ago. The traditional “summer job as a bachelor’s student” scenario continued alongside his studies after the first summer and still continues after graduation. 

As a software architect in the Competence Center, Väisänen, who rose from the position of an application developer, now largely works at the customer interface. The work also involves a lot of planning and bigpicture thinking. 

These bigpicture plans sometimes require creative solutions, and Väisänen considers them to be his strength. In his role as a Scrum Master, in addition to problem-solving skills, the ability to get along with people is essential, which comes naturally to Väisänen. He is interested in the well-being of the team and helping others, taking on more of a coaching role rather than being a traditional project manager. 

My work is not solitary keyboard typing. I interact with people on a daily basis, both team members and customers. The days start with the daily meetings with our tight-knit team of ten. The Salkku team now includes members from both Finland and Hungary, and we have a great atmosphere among ourselves. 

Work in the field of technology can be people-oriented 

In my work, I need to understand the needs of both people and systems. It requires understanding people in order to listen to the customer and find solutions that meet their specific needs. As an architect, I also need to know what is happening around me and in the world in general. Technologies are constantly changing, and it’s important to stay up to date. 

Experts in the field of technology are no longer just stereotypical unsocial nerds; the industry encompasses a wide range of personalities. This is also evident in my work. 

I want to highlight that technology-related jobs can be people-oriented. 

Through work and growing expertise, a person’s personality can change. That’s been the case for me. I draw positive energy from my team and the people around me, which has made me more social. The opportunity to work as a Scrum Master has encouraged me to take a coaching approach within the team.   

The future work life requires the courage to speak up 

Openness is another aspect that Väisänen strongly advocates for. 

At the workplace, one should be able to discuss all matters and bring up problematic issues without fearing the consequences. It is possible to learn to address challenging issues while considering other people and their feelings. I hope to be seen by others as someone they can honestly speak to.  

Receiving recognition for one’s work is always enjoyable. Recently, the Salkku team was awarded as a Stellar Success Story within Samlink. The team creatively utilized the expertise of its Hungarian members in a fully Finnish-speaking client project. The team’s efficiency not only improved significantly, but it is also worth noting how the new team members were immediately fully integrated into the work. 

The best part of my work is definitely my colleagues. From the beginning, I have been amazed at how great this group of people is! 

The future in the field looks promising. There will always be a need for professionals and expertise. Väisänen, who paints a human-centered worldview, hopes that in the future employees’ personal qualities will be emphasized even more in recruiting. One can master technologies proficiently but still lack motivation. 

Väisänen’s team has a motto that they highlight in various contexts. It reflects the spirit prevailing in the workplace and the shared energy they derive from it. 

– Täysiä! Full throttle! 

Who: Jaro Väisänen
Education: Master of Science, Information Technology 
Expertise: Software Architecture, promoting human-centered working life