Jarkko Tervakoski

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Expert in Two Roles, Jarkko Tervakoski, Develops Software Processes and Takes Care of People 

Jarkko Tervakoski, Head of Department, Continuous Development, at Samlink, serves as the head of the Java department and leads the solution train. Jarkko is a software engineering expert who enjoys designing new things. In both process development and managerial work, he wants to focus on people and interaction.  

During his seven-year career at Samlink, Jarkko Tervakoski has been both a software developer and a product owner on the banking side for several different products. Currently, Jarkko serves as the head of department, supervising more than 30 subordinates in the Java department.  

In addition to his managerial role, Jarkko is responsible for steering and developing the solution train. The solution train includes three delivery trains based on different technologies, each led by its own RTE engineer (Release Train Engineer). 

– We’ve been pushing forward all the time since 2015. We’re now in the 34th development cycle. Each cycle lasts 10 weeks and consists of five smaller sprints. There are 7–10 teams in one train, and each team consists of 4–20 contributors, Jarkko explains about the train structure.  

Expertise in Two Roles

Jarkko’s core competence is a comprehensive understanding of software processes, formed through education in software engineering and accumulated work experience. He can both plan and implement new things.  

– Nothing is ever truly complete, which allows for constant development across various sectors. I find this process invigorating, and I feel it’s when I’m at my best, Jarkko says.  

Whether Jarkko is in either of his roles, interaction between people and different stakeholders is extremely important. Through discussions, you can see areas for development and solve problems together. In addition, it’s essential in both roles to boldly bring new thoughts to the table.  

Both jobs are strongly linked. As a manager, Jarkko ensures that there are enough contributors in projects and teams, while in train control, he gets an idea of ongoing projects, their timing, and resource needs. He also develops operations in both roles.  

– Eliminating waste is important and meaningful to me, and we’re currently promoting it in many ways. Streamlining processes through cutting out irrelevant things reduces the burden on experts and costs in general. For the customer, this appears as a faster service.  

Quality Service through Teamwork

When developing several things simultaneously, it’s important to recognize when to move forward with what. Both prioritization and delegation are essential skills.  

– You also have to be able to trust your subordinates and colleagues, because you can’t do these jobs alone. In my managerial work, I can really focus on team members’ well-being and workload, trusting them to carry their own responsibilities. 

Jarkko is very grateful to his team for how production and quality operate at a high level without interruptions or surprises for the end customer.  

– Our system is intricate, requiring many moving parts and seamless collaboration. I take great pride in our ability to efficiently deliver what has been ordered and in its dependable functionality. 

The future looks dynamic in Jarkko’s opinion. As technology and tools evolve, processes are demanded to be quick and efficient. Then, Jarkko himself wants to focus on people. He wants to develop wholes and bring people more into planning to provide their ideas.  

– I want to encourage everyone to express their opinions and bring their own ideas more bravely forward, as they shape our future. 

Who: Service Group Manager and Solution Train Controller
Education: Engineer in Information Technology
Expertise: Software development, operational development, solution train, teamwork