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Samlink PMO Lead Ewelina Kaczmarska

Ewelina Kaczmarska’s Work Makes Complex Things Simpler

The PMO Lead, passionate about analytics, has X-ray vision to reporting as her superpower.  

Ewelina Kaczmarska works at Samlink as a PMO Lead, essentially providing support to project managers. In the five-member PMO Lead team, there are three individuals from Poland, one from the Czech Republic, and one from Hungary. 

—My work at Samlink is truly enjoyable and rewarding. This is my first project in the Nordics, and I really appreciate how people work here. All meetings are very well-planned and organized, so the direction is always clear, says Ewelina. 

In Ewelina’s work, it’s particularly important to stay open, constantly identify new opportunities, and offer customers solutions “outside the box”. Communication, organizational skills, and the ability to adapt to changes help in swiftly evolving situations. 

—We must maintain a focus on high-quality communication and dialogue. This way, things stay simple, clear, and transparent for all parties involved. Therefore, it’s also essential to adapt to the environment and work with different people. 

Collaboration Builds Perfect Trust

Working in PMO offers just the right amount of challenges. Since the team is entirely new, processes and practices have been developed from scratch. The merger of Kyndryl and Samlink has also brought new dimensions and tools, so understanding and mastering them is part of the job. 

—I am a very analytical person. I love numbers and statistics. My superpower is being able to spot what might be wrong in reports at a glance, says Ewelina. 

According to Ewelina, the best part of the job is the people and their collaboration. She is particularly proud of the fact that as a team, they have succeeded in building strong relationships between Samlink and Kyndryl. When relationships are built on perfect, mutual trust, they create real value for the business. Building trust alongside creating something new is challenging, but it pays off, as seen in the feedback received by the team. 

The Secret to Efficiency is Simplification

Ewelina sees the importance of strengthening the relationship between Samlink and Kyndryl in the future as well. The PMO’s role for the future is also clear: identify areas where simplification can lead to more efficient work. 

—If we can simplify something or even streamline an entire area, we can achieve an even higher level of efficiency. That, combined with a sense of community among people and open communication, is an endless source of success. 

Who: Ewelina Kaczmarska
Education: Master’s Degree in International Economic Relations
Expertise: leadership, reporting, analytics