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Asko Heikkilä Believes in Combining Innovation with Proven Technology

In today’s tech world, experts play a vital role in merging innovation with practicality. Samlink’s Senior DevOps Engineer, Asko Heikkilä, is no exception.

Heikkilä’s journey into the world of technology began with studies in data management, leading him through various roles and teams. Over two decades at Samlink, he’s tackled diverse tasks, from client programs to the complexities of software development and integration challenges. 

Process Improvement is the Focus

As an experienced DevOps engineer, Heikkilä is central to continuously enhancing Samlink’s application lifecycle. DevOps aims to streamline application development processes, ensuring smoother operations and faster deliveries. 

With automation, a higher quality outcome and faster development cycle are ensured. DevOps is a collection of best practices to achieve the aforementioned goals. 

Throughout his career, Heikkilä has encountered various projects and technologies, each presenting its own challenges and victories. From personal banking solutions to transitioning to cloud services, he remains at the forefront of technology. Among his most meaningful achievements is the long-term functionality of tools maintained by his team. 

Having utilized a plethora of systems along the way, Heikkilä stresses the importance of understanding existing technologies.

While innovation propels us forward, understanding existing systems is equally vital, he notes.

Emphasizing the significance of continuous learning and critical thinking, he urges professionals to explore both technological boundaries and past lessons. 

By combining innovations with proven, researched technologies, we will create solutions that stand the test of time. 

The Future Depends on Us

Outside of work, Heikkilä can often be found in the world of motorsports. Vintage American cars are among his primary interests.

– The car my brother and I own, a Plymouth Duster, is only two months younger than I am but is in much better condition, Heikkilä chuckles. 

Looking towards the future, Heikkilä envisions a world where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of life.

– The recent rapid shift to cloud services and the development of AI tools are significant factors in the industry’s advancement, he points out, emphasizing adaptability and future outlook in a rapidly evolving field and continues. They’re here to stay and will continue shaping our world, but what matters is how we harness them. 

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