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Team Lead Outi Kohtala is Responsible for Organizing Team’s Work 

The field of technology is continuously evolving, and so are the professionals working in it. Outi Kohtala, a Team Lead at Samlink, has been in the industry for over 20 years and has witnessed many changes throughout her career. 

Outi began her career as a Java application developer in 2001, working as an intern while studying a degree in Business Information Technology. Over the years, she has worked in various companies and roles, and about three years ago, she joined Samlink as a Product Owner. This year, a role change resulted in Product Owners transitioning into Team Leads. 

The role of a Team Lead is multifaceted. 

My main tasks include managing the team’s daily operations, organizing work, and solving problems. I ensure that the team has clear goals and the necessary resources to achieve them.  I also serve as a point of contact for other departments and projects, Outi explains. 

Outi’s team develops and maintains applications such as an electronic archive and a desktop environment. In application development, schedules are often exceeded, but in this team, planned changes are implemented with each deployment. The Team Lead takes pride in her team’s work and these small yet significant achievements. 

The Joy of Problem Solving

Although Outi does not code in her current role, she still considers Java development her core expertise. 

—My background in Java development helps me understand systems and the challenges of coding to the benefit of the team. Another strength of mine is the ability to see the big picture and solve problems. I am persistent and believe that all problems can be solved, she says. 

Outi especially enjoys her job when she can solve various challenges. Her work as a Java developer has provided an excellent foundation for this. 

I love the problem-solving aspect of coding. It gives me the same sense of accomplishment as solving crosswords or Sudoku puzzles. Even though I moved to a Team Lead position, I am happy to find that I still get the same feeling from the work I do, she explains. 

Future Trends and Self-Improvement 

Outi believes it is important to stay updated on technological developments and industry trends. She follows industry news and occasionally participates in discussions with Scrum Masters on various forums. She is particularly interested in the potential of artificial intelligence. 

AI can really transform this field. It is exciting to see how the workplace will evolve over the next 1020 years, Outi reflects. 

According to Outi, openness and courage are key factors in personal development. Skills develop best when you dare to try new things that push you out of your comfort zone. 

In her free time, Outi enjoys singing and playing football.  

—I take singing lessons and sing in the Samlink band. Additionally, inspired by my football-playing sons, I have also started playing football myself, she shares.

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