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Samlink Alexandra von Schantz

Alexandra von Schantz is familiar with business processes 

Strategic projects and initiatives are launched with positive energy 

Throughout her career, Alexandra von Schantz has had the opportunity to tackle various roles, ranging from new customer acquisition to IT projects, business development, and has gained extensive experience in the banking industry. 

At Samlink, von Schantz leads strategic projects. Her work involves numerous interactions with people, coaching, bringing contributors together, and understanding customer needs. 

— My strengths particularly come to the fore during the project initiation phase. I excel at grasping the big picture, making quick decisions, and my goal-oriented nature helps me see things through to completion. I may not be an IT expert in the traditional sense, but thanks to my knowledge of business processes and my customer-centric mindset, I bring a fresh perspective to projects. 

Contributing to Building the Future of Samlink

According to von Schantz, a company’s success depends directly on customer satisfaction. 

Customer-centric business requires active customer service and creative actions that exceed customer expectations. It also demands people’s commitment, taking responsibility, and each employee’s dedication to their work. 

When a customer can focus entirely on their own business, trust is established, which strengthens the customer relationship. 

Strategic projects are building the future of Samlink. Von Schantz believes that goal-setting is one of the best aspects of her work. She draws daily energy and determination from her own strengths and realizes her vision of people-centered leadership. When there is endurance and commitment in the work, both individuals and the company succeed. 

— I particularly enjoy my work when, after hard work, measurable successes gradually start to emerge. I am pleased to be part of Samlink’s growth journey, adding value to this company. 

My role is interesting, challenging, and strategically important. Samlink’s organization is small enough that I can be involved in all phases of the project, from the bidding phase to project completion. 

— The best part of my job is definitely the people! I get excited about discussions and new things, as well as the willingness to experiment and do things in new ways. It’s also great to see how people have confidence in their work and develop in their roles, exceeding all expectations! 

The Future Requires Skill Development

The potential of a company is as great as the people working in it. It is important that individuals have the opportunity to develop in their roles and thus be part of shaping Samlink’s future. 

The company, its processes, and ways of working evolve, but it is equally important to actively maintain change at the individual level. Skill development is essential and requires personal courage to adapt.  

— I dream of getting to know my team members better. I want to learn about everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their characteristics as team members. This way, I can contribute to improving the team as a whole. 

Often, knowing the team members well enables the team’s long-term success. 

Von Schantz looks forward to the future. As technology advances and skills evolve, it is essential to find the direction in which the company can be a pioneer. 

— Samlink and its way of operating will undergo significant development over the next five years. In my opinion, the most important thing is to deliver such efficient IT services to our customers that it is simply the best in its own category. 

Who: Alexandra von Schantz 
Education:M.Sc. (Econ. & BA) 
Expertise: strategic leadership