Our Technological Future is Built on Cloud Technologies

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At Samlink, we are in the midst of transformation in many ways. The digitalization of the financial sector and the broader technological development are drivers of change, accelerating our renewal. There is a generational shift among those working on Samlink’s core systems, and new entrants bring fresh, innovative skills to the development process. Moreover, Samlink’s integration into its parent company, Kyndryl, coupled with our close cooperation, brings a positive twist to this change.

Our development teams are currently bustling with activity. Projects are underway with the aim of renewing the technological foundation of our systems, and we have a strong desire to grow and evolve as a market leader. Together with Kyndryl’s global team of experts, we have all the necessary capabilities for success. 

The future lies in cloud technologies 

Growth in the financial sector is enabled by IT technologies. As an IT partner to top-tier players in the sector, we strive to be among the pioneers. That’s why the future of Samlink is built on cloud technologies.   

The cloud holds enormous potential, and we stand ready to harness it to generate value for us and our customers. Utilizing cloud technologies is a direction of development that our customers also want us to pursue. Our current technology base, Mainframe, will not be forgotten, instead it will continue to be a cornerstone, evolving as an integral part of our cloud-based operations. 

We are steadily moving our technology base towards the cloud. Certain areas require a faster transition, as the adoption of cloud technologies is a vital part of enhancing Samlink’s competitiveness. We want to offer developers the best and most exciting technologies to address IT challenges, positioning ourselves as a desirable and popular employer in the job market. 

Samlink develops its experts 

The future also calls for new skills. We facilitate the development of our employees’ skills through training. Kyndryl maintains worldwide alliances with all major cloud service providers, and our employees get to undertake high-quality cloud training and certifications to update their skills. 

When it comes to new recruits, expertise in cloud technologies will be emphasized in the future. However, we do not expect or even want everyone to be a cloud wizard. Basic skills and a foundational understanding of IT technologies, combined with a desire to grow, are the most important qualities we seek in our experts. These can form the basis for a deeper understanding of cloud technologies. 

Goal to develop the data field 

In the future, we want to help our customers make even better and more comprehensive use of the data accumulated in the basic systems. This requires both technological development to gather data more agilely for use, and development of data understanding. The data accumulating in systems is a goldmine for companies – data, when analyzed and used correctly, can drive business growth. The next megatrends in the financial sector include hyper-personalization and the application of artificial intelligence as part of the customer experience, both of which are predicated on a profound understanding of data. Therefore, we are committed to serving our customers in the best possible way in the data field as well. 

Linh Kuivanen

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