Guided by the Attitude of Growth and Value 

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Samlink’s goal is clear: all our operations must deliver value to our clients, whether it’s savings, efficiency, positive reputation, or new business innovations. We listen carefully to our clients’ concerns and transform them into effective solutions. The Attitude of Growth and Value is one of the cornerstones of our strategy. 

Our growth strategy is based on several paths through which we actively seek and promote new business opportunities. Our spearhead is our newest service, Advisory Services. 

Services to Finland, the Nordics, and Beyond

Our goals related to our current client base are based on co-creation. With Kyndryl, we are able to offer our current clients even broader expertise, for example, in cloud services, cybersecurity and resilience, and artificial intelligence utilization. Various development projects and advisory services have been well received, thanks to our clients. 

  Various development projects and advisory services have been well received, thanks to our clients. 

Our growth goals also extend beyond Finland, for example, to the Nordics. We collaborate with Kyndryl Nordic’s banking and finance team, and we are already involved in developing Kyndryl’s current banking customers. We also support Kyndryl’s teams around the world with our banking, regulatory, and application expertise. 

Behind business growth is always competent personnel

For us, growth mindset means not only business growth but also the professional development of our experts. A growth-oriented mindset stems from curiosity, an open mind, the courage to innovate, and a willingness to embrace the new. In sports terms, it means playing to win rather than playing to avoid losing. 

At Samlink, we have a lot of industry expertise that our team and experts actively maintain. Recently, additional specialized expertise has been brought especially to the Advisory Services unit. 

We aim to offer our clients only the best: a skilled, competitively priced, and proactive partner. 

Kari Huoponen
Sales & Business Development