Elevating Project Delivery: Introducing Passion for Projects

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Henrik Taankvist

At Samlink, we’re committed to banking excellence through enhancing our project delivery. In 2024, we have launched a transformative new program: Passion for Projects. This initiative is designed to elevate our client project delivery to new heights by emphasizing leadership, communication, pro-activeness, and accountability.

Passion for Projects isn’t just about project management – it’s about recognizing the vital role our team members play in achieving great results for our clients. By focusing on these key principles, we’re covering essential aspects of smooth project management, including good project planning, personal eminence, client relationship building, and efficient team management.

Foundation for Success

At the core of Passion for Projects is the belief that good project management practices are the foundation for success. We emphasize the importance of solid project planning, starting from the offer phase. This involves creating realistic timelines, considering resource availability, and actively monitoring progress to ensure efficient delivery.

Passion for Projects goes beyond traditional project management. It’s about fostering personal eminence among our team members. By leveraging our expertise, we can identify new opportunities throughout the project lifecycle.

Excellence Demands Strong Relationships

Central to our approach is the emphasis on building and maintaining strong client relationships. We understand that successful projects are built on trust and proactive communication, especially with delicate and demanding projects. By investing time in understanding our clients’ needs and motivations, we can achieve better outcomes.

By prioritizing real business outcomes, fostering collaboration with our clients, and delivering on time and within budget, we’re setting a new standard for excellence. Our progress will be measured not just by internal metrics, but by the feedback and satisfaction of our clients.

Join us on this journey as we strive for banking excellence in every aspect of our operations. Together, we can elevate project delivery and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Henrik Taankvist
Director, Program Management, PMP®