Samlink and Kyndryl: Spearheading Digital Transformation in Banking   

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Samlink Blogi Piia Hoffsten-Myllylä

Banking is at an inflection point, propelled by factors like fintech innovation, volatile markets, and increasing cybersecurity threats. In this evolving landscape, the need for institutions to deliver personalized and secure customer experiences has never been more vital. In this context, the alliance between Samlink and Kyndryl indeed finds its sweet spot. Our partnership aims to help banks navigate through a journey of digital transformation, offering world-class leverage by integrating Samlink’s progressive digitalization solutions with Kyndryl’s expansive global reach.

The value we create for our customers stands on several pillars. As a brief highlight, I want to underscore some things that bring value to banking.

  1. A seamless journey towards modernization

Savings Banks Group and Samlink announced a three-year agreement on a large-scale, multi-vendor IT modernization initiative. The focus is to shift towards a public cloud environment while refining customer and employee experience. Samlink, promoting smart, incremental digitalization, extends its expertise in facilitating this transformation, backed up by Kyndryl’s global capabilities. This initiative is a benchmark concept, implying our joint transformational value for many customers.

  1. Synergizing AI capabilities

Kyndryl and Microsoft have joined forces to drive the adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions. Through shared innovation centers and Kyndryl’s growing data and AI patent portfolio, we aim to propel AI-driven solutions across the enterprise landscape. This alignment with Kyndryl’s ethos of innovation and technological progress opens new opportunities for banks to leverage the business benefits of AI.

  1. Cyber resiliency: a cornerstone

Digital transformation comes with risks and vulnerabilities. Here, Kyndryl’s cyber resiliency solutions come into play. Leveraging advanced technologies, we aim to minimize financial impacts and reputational damages through effective defense mechanisms. Kyndryl Resiliency Orchestration is a testament to this, offering robust recovery options and risk mitigation strategies to help banks safeguard their data and operations.

  1. Vertical insights

With over 30 years in the financial sector, Samlink brings unmatched expertise and industry-leading talent to the table. Together, as part of Kyndryl, the aim is to catalyze growth, fortify our new digital ecosystem, and remain the partner and employer of choice. We see the way forward for European banking IT as a blend of global capabilities, local intelligence, and effective delivery.

The partnership between Samlink and Kyndryl is not just transactional; it’s transformational. It’s about offering more than just services; it’s about delivering value and building trust. We invite you to be part of this journey.

Samlink and Kyndryl are not just meeting today’s demands. Together, we are setting the stage to redefine banking for the digital age.

Piia Hoffsten-Myllylä
Country Manager Finland, Kyndryl