Unlocking Value Through AI and Cloud Security 

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Cloud Security

Proactive security organizations are looking into the possibilities of how to use AI and cloud technologies to create more value for the organization and for the stakeholders. 

There are two sides to the AI coin, one used for bad purposes and one for good purposes. On the note of good purposes, AI has become an important contributor to security due to three main aspects: 

  • The ability to analyze vast amount of data in a very short time frame 
  • Learning from the data being analyzed 
  • Early detection of abnormal behavior, which will limit or even block any potential loss event.  

For security organizations, incorporating AI into their security efforts will distinguish progressive organizations that add value to the organization from those that may fall behind in the evolving security and business landscape. 

While exploring cloud technologies can reveal new risks, it also brings incredible opportunities, such as: 

  • Quickly scaling service usage up or down 
  • Leveraging built-in tools to enhance security 
  • Mitigating application-layer denial of service attacks 

Major cloud providers typically have substantial capacity to mitigate application-layer denial of service attacks, which is advantageous for organizations that depend on the Internet for their business success. 

To achieve the best possible security outcomes from using AI and cloud technologies, it is important to fully understand the risks and how those risks can be turned into opportunities. Organizations should always be cautious about changes in the responsibility matrix between the cloud provider and the organization using the cloud technologies, and how the AI model has been trained for its purpose and how that can be maintained over time. 

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