Samlink’s Leadership Team is Looking into the Future  

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The main task of the team is shifting the focus to discussing the future instead of looking at the rearview mirror.  

The Samlink Leadership Team is dedicated to driving and fostering Samlink’s new strategy and culture with three key priorities: Our people – the Heart of Progress, Attitude of Growth and Value, and Stellar Customer Experience.  

The mission of the team is to ensure that the company works as one team and drives growth together with Kyndryl. Samlink is defining its own strategy and growth plan and making relatively independent decisions. As one of the global top accounts within Kyndryl’s Strategic Markets,Samlink reports directly to the President of Strategic Markets.  

The Leadership Team’s goal is to share information, utilize the team’s expertise in common matters and consider the effects of various development projects. Engaging in constructive discussions, taking responsibility for overseeing planning, implementation of plans as well as driving growth strategy are the team’s most important responsibilities.  

Regular meetings to ensure good planning and execution

The Leadership Team regularly meets every Wednesday at 2:30 PM, and as necessary. The set agenda ensures that all relevant topics are initiated and discussed.  An indicative monthly rolling agenda for the management team meetings is designed to cover all Samlink’s core functions. 

Each member of the team prepares in advance for the management team meeting by creating materials for their part and distributing them to others in a mutually agreed way.  They are also expected to read other people’s materials in advance and be prepared to discuss issues on the agenda and ask questions requiring clarification.  

Members have authority in their areas of responsibility and are obligated to develop the company’s operations according to set goals. Most daily decisions are made within the business units following defined processes.