Motivation Creates Customer Satisfaction

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Samlink Service Desk

Samlink’s Service Desk solves challenges for its own employees daily, as well as for the personnel of customer banks and end customers. The secret behind the Service Desk’s high level of customer satisfaction lies in having sufficient resources and genuinely motivated employees. 

The Service Desk is divided into three teams, which guide customers regarding application usage, payment and online services, and technical issues. 

– Our employees are friendly, relaxed, and approachable. They are genuinely motivated in their work, which also reflects in customer satisfaction, says the team leader of the payment and online services support team Marja Kivinen. 

Building a good customer experience also relies on information sharing and ample resources. Waiting times on the Service Desk’s lines are short – the average waiting time is only 26 seconds. 

­– We keep ourselves up to date with our system updates and share as much information within the teams as possible to maintain consistent quality in customer service situations, clarifies Anne Tallgren, the team leader of the application guidance team. 

“On the other end of the phone there was an extremely friendly individual who calmly provided guidance in a way that even beginners could understand what it was all about. The call left me in a really good mood for the rest of the day!”
Service Desk Customer

Friendly Encounters

The Service Desk handles dozens or even hundreds of phone calls daily. Customer service situations may involve advising a bank employee on modifying a loan payment plan or assisting with username-related issues. 

– In difficult cases of problem-solving, an exclusionary investigative approach is often employed, where potential causes of the issue are literally eliminated. If the matter cannot be resolved during the call, a support ticket is created, and the customer will be contacted again once a possible solution exists, explains Pinja Paju, the team leader of the technical support team. 

– Calls are generally positive, thanks to our customers. Often, there might be a bank employee on the line who has become familiar over the years, allowing for both issue resolution and spontaneous chatting, Tallgren continues. 

“The problem was resolved, and I also received a clear explanation of what was causing the issue. I’ll be able to utilize this knowledge in similar situations in the future.”
Service Desk Customer

Regular Measurement

Service Desk’s customer satisfaction is measured monthly. In the latest report, customer satisfaction scored 3.85/4. The feedback surveys consist of three metrics: service accessibility, quality, and meeting expectations. Surveys are sent out approximately for every third resolved service request, and the responses are directly visible to the specialist handling the matter. 

– It’s nice to receive feedback directly from the customer. It helps to understand how the situation went from their perspective. Positive feedback provides confidence, and constructive feedback always provides learning opportunities, comments Paju. 

Service Desk’s feedback is primarily positive. Occasional negative feedback is taken seriously and reviewed by a supervisor, involving both the customer service representative and the customer. This is how the Service Desk strives to create an excellent customer experience.