Exclusive Breakfast Seminar Coming Again May 8th 2024

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Join us on May 8th for an exclusive breakfast seminar hosted by Samlink Advisory Services, where we’ll present insights from our latest paper, “Ecosystem Enabled Banking“.

The Future of Banking

Banking is moving towards a platform-based future, with ecosystems at the core. Samlink assists banks and financial institutions in navigating this future. We emphasize a customer-centric and digital-first approach.

Exploring Ecosystem Enabled Banking

In this seminar, we will explore the transformative power of ecosystem-enabled banking. We offer insights into optimizing progressive modernization. Discover new banking capabilities through innovative ecosystem solutions and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products. We tackle the challenges faced by traditional banking systems. Moreover, we showcase how an ecosystem-based approach can revolutionize banking services. This ensures scalability, agility, and a seamless customer experience.

Why Attend?

This is an opportunity for industry professionals to gain firsthand knowledge. Network with peers and explore potential collaborations. We’re building a community of forward-thinkers. Together, we are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s banking world. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a transformative dialogue.

Limited seating!

Reserve your spot now and be part of the conversation shaping the future of banking. Your participation is confirmed once you have successfully completed the registration.

Event Details

What: Breakfast Seminar with Samlink Advisory Services
When: May 8th, 2024 at 8.30–11 AM
Where: GLO Hotel Sello, Leppävaarankatu 1, Espoo, Finland (only live, no streaming)


8.30–9 Welcome, registration and coffee
9–9.30 Pål Krogdahl – Samlink Ecosystem Enabled Banking (Director, Samlink Advisory Services)
9.30–10 Monika Liikamaa (Co-founder & co-CEO at Enfuce)
10–10.45 Panel discussion moderated by Ville Sointu (Chief Strategist, Digital Currencies at Nordea) with Monika Liikamaa (Co-founder & Co-CEO at Enfuce), Bent Winkel (Strategic Sales Director, Nordics at Thought Machine), and Pål Krogdahl (Director, Samlink Advisory Services).
10.45–11 Pål Krogdahl – Thank you and closing

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Save the Date for the Next Exclusive Breakfast Seminar: May 8th 2024

The popular breakfast seminar is coming again on May 8th! We’ll delve into the transformative power of ecosystem enabled banking. The event offers insights into optimizing progressive modernisation and new banking capabilities through innovative ecosystem solutions and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products.

What? Breakfast Seminar by Samlink Advisory Services
When? 8th of May, 2024, at 8.30–11 AM
Where? GLO Hotel Sello

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