Behind Good Customer Satisfaction are Skilled and Friendly Service Desk Specialists

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A successful customer service experience at Samlink means that communication is conducted in a positive manner, listening to the customer, and responding as efficiently as possible. The goal is to create a general sense of satisfaction, and according to customer feedback, this has been achieved excellently.

The customer service often has the most extensive contact with the company’s customers. This is also the case at Samlink, where the Service Desk team provides support to bank employees and end customers using Samlink’s systems. The topics of customer inquiries vary, but every caller requires some form of assistance. The Service Desk teams provide guidance, training, and ensure that Samlink’s customers receive the support they need. The team leaders are the Head of Department Jukka Söderström and Service Manager Nina Ziessler.

Each customer call and email is logged as a service request, aka a ticket. The satisfaction of bank employees is actively measured. Feedback surveys are randomly sent from the service request system after the customer contact has been resolved. The results have been fantastic. The average monthly customer feedback ratings over the past two years have ranged from 3.73 to 3.90 on a scale of 1 to 4.

– I believe that customer satisfaction is achieved through three key factors: expertise, attitude, and resources. We have strong expertise, a great customer service attitude, and calls are answered quickly, with an average response time of 24 seconds, says Ziessler.

Customer feedback inspires and teaches the Service Desk team

The expertise of the Service Desk is evident in the resolution time of customer inquiries. Often, the person with whom the customer starts the conversation is also the one who resolves it. The backgrounds of the members vary from team to team, but many customer service representatives have experience in banking or IT.

­– We have different personalities, but that is definitely a strength that propels the team towards a good outcome. Everyone has problem-solving skills and a genuine desire to understand the customer, praises Söderström.

Teamwork at the Service Desk means resolving customer issues with expertise and efficiency, as well as providing support to each other within the team. In leadership roles, it is important to review various customer feedback, both on a general level and personally. If a customer has given negative feedback, it is ensured whether further training is needed regarding the matter.

– The qualities of a good customer service representative emphasize a willingness to help, a certain kindness, and the ability to consider others. Initiative, teamwork skills, quick learning, and adaptability are also important. In addition to these, our customer service representatives are very warm-hearted and outgoing, describes Ziessler.

Some examples of feedback received by the Service Desk

  • Always knowledgeable and friendly service.
  • Professional guidance with sufficient patience.
  • Excellent customer service attitude and empathetic, encouraging approach.
  • Quick response time, and the problem was resolved during the call. I accidentally hung up, but the expert called back immediately.
  • The best customer service I’ve received in a long time from anywhere.
  • Very helpful and competent employee who did everything possible to resolve the issue. Many thanks!