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Transaction services

Customers appreciate ease and reliability

Digital transaction services are available to consumers irrespective of time and place. They allow customers to tend to matters related to their customer relationships, including customer details, agreements and payments. Functional, easy-to-use and reliable transaction services attract new customers and help retain existing ones. Our services are independent of terminal devices and can be integrated with third-party services into seamless packages. Often the same services will also enhance customer service. Our implementations include a modern and modular online bank, services related to the management of personal finances, appointment services as well as homepage services.

Consulting services

We support our customers’ business

We provide comprehensive management and supplier-independent support for planning service strategies, service development and service production in continuously changing operating processes and environments in the financial sector. We are specialised in user-based, reliable and secure data system solutions. We combine business requirements, user needs and technologies into one seamless package. We ensure that different parts work together, and we offer comprehensive services, ranging from ideas to the production of continuous services.

Our full-range consulting services for financial business, systems and processes help to find the best possible solution for comprehensive development and for individual segments, in a cost-efficient and agile way.

Financial management

A modern long-term service for the lifecycle management of funding

We provide customers with a complete service, which is easy and convenient to use. The service is used for the real-time management of various funds and customer data. The generation of agreements and customer letters, as well as electronic archiving, invoicing and payment monitoring, the management of monetary transactions and comprehensive reporting, are all included in the service.

We guarantee that operating costs are predictable and transparent. The automated management of funding makes work easier, thanks to comprehensive services and user support.

Mobile solutions

Digitalization promotes the supply of mobile solutions

Mobile services play an increasingly big role in the consumers’ everyday life. The offered mobile solutions must be consistent with the experience provided by other service channels. Our mobile banking application combines basic banking services and customer encounters in the manner preferred by the customer.

The increasingly digital world and consumers demand new identification alternatives, and here mobile solutions are being particularly intensively developed.

Analyses & reporting

Given the right tools, everyone can be an analyst

Appropriate business intelligence has an increasingly important role in the performance management of organizations. We carry out extensive implementations of business intelligence and data warehouse solutions (BI/DW). Our systems help customers to efficiently manage, process, and share the information relevant to their businesses.

Our reporting solutions always start from mapping the customer’s business requirements. We use agile development methods to produce solutions to support strategy work, for budgeting and forecasting, activity-based costing, management reporting as well as for benchmarking and payroll accounting. Our maintenance services ensure the continuous development of reporting solutions as the customer’s needs change.

Retail banking systems

Retail banking systems for fluent daily business

Our offering covers all IT solutions and systems related closely to the core businesses of banks and fund management companies. Our solutions facilitate the serving of private and corporate customers at branch offices and online. We provide the services for loans, payments, investments and savings in a channel-independent manner. We offer an extensive range of card services and meet the PCI DSS requirements.

Our banking services are genuinely multi-channel services. They form a uniform service experience for the bank’s customers in branch offices, online services and mobile services.

Our services are also suitable for other financial sector operators as the requirements of products and public authorities are similar for them. In financial sector services, we observe the requirements imposed by Finnish and EU legislation on the banking business. We always provide the solutions for daily business as a service.

Employee solutions

Smooth flow of daily work in an electronic environment

Customer service benefits from our electronic desk solutions which enhance the use of basic systems and provide tools for customer communications. Added value is produced by combining the information and tools required by customer service into one view and by automating the routine processes. Our archiving solution combines contract management, electronic signatures and archiving. At best, end customers can also use the same service as customer service thanks to the self-service functionalities. We support the work of employees with our reliable Service Desk and our comprehensive training services.

We provide the members of our retail banking community with the hardware, software and telecommunication connections required in offices, including telephone systems and video conferencing equipment.

Software services

We publish data record descriptions and their amendments intended for software houses. The page shows the service-specific data record descriptions for Samlink’s batch transfer system Pankkilinja together with other associated material.

The descriptions and commissioning instructions for Aktia/Sp/Pop payments and Aktia/Sp/Pop identification service, for example, are available to the producers of online services.

All documentation is available here >>

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Automated business processes boost operations and improve the customer and employee experience

Our RPA services are based on our solid expertise in the sector and systems, as well as Samlink’s software robotics and other solution range, in accordance with financial requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions for automated and digital business, all the way from the analysis and optimisation of business processes to automated processes, as a service. Software robots help to quickly adapt IT systems according to changing business needs, to improve efficiency by means of automated tasks and processes, and to offer whole new services based on existing IT systems.

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