Jenni Löytynoja

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Jenni Löytynoja’s Work Involves Adapting to Changing Situations

Although the work is hectic and demanding, the end of a project is always a bittersweet moment.

Jenni Löytynoja‘s journey at Samlink started in 2015 in service management. Today, she works as a department manager in a department that specializes in analytics, reporting, and data warehousing, but admits that she still has one foot in service management.

The department led by Löytynoja belongs to Samlink’s center of excellence. The work also involves a lot of development where it is important to understand not only business but also people. Löytynoja considers her own expertise to be a balanced mix of expertise and understanding of people. Because of her strong expertise, she easily understands the work of people in the department and the challenges related to it. Based on her experience in service management, she, in turn, easily sees how a detail appears to a customer and can have an impact on it at an early stage.

– In this job, it is important to have a desire to constantly learn and develop. One must also be able to quickly adapt to changing situations and quickly take control of unexpected things. The fact that together with my teams we are able to solve these new situations and help customers with their problems is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work, says Löytynoja and continues: We don’t leave anyone alone. It’s great how our collaboration works and how we always help each other when needed.

In the team, the responsibility is both given and carried

A team of about twenty, people work on challenging projects in Löytynoja’s department. The difficulty of the work can sometimes result in temporary stress for the team, but they manage to overcome even the toughest situations.

– Sometimes people don’t realize how good they are at their job. It is rewarding when difficult situations are resolved and there is a shared determination to complete the task at hand!

The best part of Löytynoja’s work is being able to interact with people on a daily basis. She supports and assists the experts in the processes, and helps to find the right professionals for each solution, but doesn’t have to solve problems entirely on her own.

Broader expertise for customers’ use

In the future, Löytynoja would like to see deeper and more long-term collaboration between teams and customers. She hopes that visibility within projects will expand even further towards the customer.

– It would be great to have department experts involved in creating roadmaps and participating more broadly in customer projects. This would not only give us the opportunity for longer-term perspectives but also give our customers the opportunity to use our deeper expertise, which I know our experts have immeasurably much of.

Many of the projects are long-lasting. However, sometimes they all come to an end, and when the service ends, there may be major changes in the team’s composition.

– All work tasks will end at some point, and these are particularly sad moments.

On the other hand, we can only move towards the future and the new opportunities it brings by letting go of the old. The best part is that there are things coming that we don’t know anything about yet!

Who: Jenni Löytynoja
Education: Master of Computer Sciences
Expertise: learedship, data repositories, system integrations