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Samlink Soile Alanen

Customer experience is shaped by the feeling of how you are treated, listened to, and how actions are taken for your benefit — familiar things to all of us from many service situations. The moment when someone succeeds in making us happy with their good service is very memorable, and we gladly share it with others. Samlink’s goal is to produce stellar customer experience always and in all situations. We understand the needs and situations of our customers and respond to them in a friendly, prompt, and professional manner. We act in the best interest of our customer.  

Continuous improvement of the customer experience is crucial for us at Samlink. We measure the customer experience regularly using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey. According to the recent results, we are clearly moving in the right direction, and the development measures we have taken are precisely what is needed and will continue to be pursued.

Increasing the development of the project work is currently a priority for us. We have identified the key areas and have tackled them vigorously. 

  • We ensure that we understand the customer’s needs correctly by having open conversation with our customer.  
  • We collaborate closely with our customers, and it is easy to work with us. We keep the customer informed throughout the project.  
  • We build solutions for our customers with high quality and on time within the agreed framework. We keep our promises.

As a concrete example, I would like to tell you about the development activities we have done to improve the testing phase of the projects. With the renewed testing status report, our customers get a clear picture of the progress of the testing, and we can manage the testing efficiently. When planning testing, we are now placing even greater emphasis on opportunities to enhance testing throughout the project, ensuring timely delivery of a successful outcome for our customers.

Close internal co-operation among the samlinkians, helping each other, and working together, reflect in how our customers perceive our actions, whether it’s brainstorming new ideas, ongoing projects, or the continuous service we provide.

I wish you a sunny spring and many excellent customer encounters with us! 

Soile Alanen
Account Partner 

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