Evolving Together: Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Unity

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As we bid farewell to another transformative year, we reflect on not just our business achievements but also the profound strides in fostering a vibrant and inclusive company culture. 

In early spring, Samlink embarked on a collective journey to identify and cultivate the key pillars of our company culture: Psychological Safety, Attitude of Growth and Value, and the Values of Fast, Flat, Focused. These themes became the cornerstones guiding our interactions, decisions, and overall work environment. These principles have become the heartbeat of our operations, allowing us to adapt swiftly to changes, ensuring we keep pace with the dynamic industry landscape. 

Our Guiding Lights: Restless, Empathetic, and Devoted

Restlessness fuels innovation, empathy fosters understanding, and devotion drives us to exceed expectations. Embedded in our culture, these qualities have propelled us to new heights, strengthening our resolve to continuously improve our customer experience. 

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our commitment extends beyond today; as we enter the coming year, we dedicate ourselves to a relentless pursuit of improvement. Recognizing the perpetual room for enhancement, we eagerly embrace the challenge. Step by step, we will refine processes, elevate services, and ensure every interaction is nothing short of exceptional. 

Stellar Horizon

Change is constant, and this fall, we undertook another significant journey toward “Stellar Horizon”. Acknowledging that culture is the compass guiding us through change, your voices, concerns, and insights have played a pivotal role in shaping this journey. We hope you’ve felt heard and empowered to openly discuss thoughts on our mission for the Stellar Customer Experience. 

A Shared Responsibility

Creating an enduring culture is a shared responsibility, involving each member of our extended family — clients, colleagues, and partners alike. By embracing our core values, we lay the foundation for a workplace where innovation thrives, individuals flourish, and collaboration and co-creation is boundless. 

Here’s to a future where our culture remains a beacon of strength and unity.  

With gratitude
Arto Sorvoja
Vice President & Senior Partner