To the Next Level with Cognizant’s support – Samlink’s Next Level 2019 event on September 11, 2019 offered an overview into the future

Samlink organized an invitation-only event Next Level 2019 on Wednesday September 11 in Helsinki. Combining its forces with Cognizant this spring, Samlink’s business has risen to the next level. In this new era Samlink can respond to changes brought by constantly changing technologies and serve the clients even better together with Cognizant.

In the event, the guests had a chance to acquaint themselves with current themes and the renewed supply, guided by Samlink and Cognizant specialists. The highlight of the event was Cognizant specialist Euan Davis’ speech about Future of the Work. Davis, the Associate Vice President of Center for the Future of Work in EMEA in Cognizant is one a co-writer in the publication The Future of Your Work, From/To – everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, published in July 2019. Davis’ speech was down-to-earth with many examples and it evoked to consider work in the future full of new technologies.

”Future of work is so important right now, because the way we work and how work gets done is driving everything”, Davis says. “Changes in technology have an enormous influence in working. Tools and working equipment have developed with incredible speed and this is where we, the IT service providers step in to the picture”, he summarizes.

In the event, Samlink and Cognizant specialists combined their forces and presenting their common offerings and talent in their core know-how-fields; future banking service solutions, turning points in insurance field’s value creation, new business possibilities brought by cloud services, service design capabilities and intriguing examples of outsourcing business processes. These themes were showcased especially in the fair stands where materials, experiences and exchanging knowledge inspired to an active discussion.

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