Shift 29.–30.8.2019 – Samlink and Cognizant together as a partner for the first time at a business event

Shift Business Festival, an event organized in Turku, Finland on the 29.–30.8.2019 was the location for the first collaboration as a partner for Samlink and Cognizant. Shift is a two-day event for business operators ranging from startups to large corporations and a platform for innovative technology and new solutions. 3 000 attendees represented industries from tech to academy and from finance to public sector. Internationality is a strong part of the Shift and the attendees were from over twenty different countries.

The main theme for this year in the annually organized Shift was Shapeshifting Intelligence including visions for the future of circular economy and artificial intelligence (AI) innovations among others. AI is a current topic also in Samlink and in Cognizant. For example, Cognizant has organized a client event in Sweden solely around AI the previous spring.

Samlink and Cognizant’s exhibition area at the Shift was attractive to the attendees, who got to learn more about Samlink and Cognizant’s integration, their histories, operations and overall about a new player at the Finnish market. In addition, Samlink and Cognizant organized an after party together with Liedon Säästöpankki at the end of the first festival day, to network and enjoy some delicacies by a local operator.

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