Samlink riding with Team Rynkeby for the third time

Samlink has made a gold-level donation to Sylva ry via Team Rynkeby and is thus supporting the world’s biggest charity cycling event. Samlink joins the ride for the third time now; this year we donated EUR 3,000. Team Rynkeby is a charity team who cycles to Paris every summer in order to raise money for children suffering from cancer. The donations collected by the team are sent without any deductions to Sylva ry, a support association for children and adolescents suffering from cancer.

The core activities of Sylva ry, a nationwide patient organisation operating mainly with donated funds, are the rehabilitation of young cancer patients, provision of peer support as well as support of the patients’ families by way of courses and holidays, for example. In addition, Sylva ry supports the treatment of and research in children’s cancer.

Last year, a whopping total of EUR 238,886 was raised in Finland as donations to Sylva ry, a new record for Team Rynkeby Finland. In 2015, Team Rynkeby donated a total of over EUR 6.45 million to help children with cancer in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

This year, Team Rynkeby will be cycling to Paris for the 15th time. The project has 1,600 cyclists and 400 aides forming a total of 38 teams from five countries. Team Rynkeby is gaining momentum in Finland. In 2014, one Finnish team participated. This year, there are four teams from Finland.

The activities and journey of Team Rynkeby can be followed here: 

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