Samlink remains PCI DSS compliant – yearly audit passed with flying colours

Audit of the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard has been successfully completed at Samlink. Passing this audit signifies that a high level of quality has been maintained and that development proceeds according to the security and quality requirements of the payment card industry. A successful audit means Samlink remains an approved Visa and MasterCard service provider.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a global information security standard defining the requirements for processing card details. It is administered by the PCI Security Standards Council, an independent body established by card organisations. Yearly audits are handled by an external party that is approved of by the payment card companies.

All operators and systems storing, processing or conveying card details are covered by the requirements. PCI DSS compliance is an indicator of not only the quality of operations, but also the systematic development work in line with high quality requirements. Passing this audit is significant, as it is required of all the partners associated with the banks’ card business. Meeting the PCI DSS requirements is an indication that operating in accordance with the standard and continued development has become an integral part of Samlink’s operation.

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