Efficient security solutions enable freedom to everyday life

Gemalto’s expertise in digital security and authentication combined with Samlink’s understanding of digital banking will build new solutions for the Finnish banking industry. Solution Sales Director Peter Andersson from Gemalto Gothenburg believes that the partnership is a starting point for many future projects.

Gemalto is a global company. How does Finland seem as a market from Gemalto’s point of view?

Gemalto is a global key player within digital security solutions in many fields, including digital banking and digital ID verification. Digital verification includes for example PIN codes, digital fingerprints and voice recognition. We have a high presence in the other Nordic countries, so we understand the ecosystem well. It is a great opportunity for us to gain further understanding about the Finnish market through our partnership with Samlink.

How has the collaboration with Samlink been so far?

We have started partnership with one – still ongoing – project, and we believe that we can start additional projects within and around digital banking. For us, this is just the starting point. This has been a pleasant project, and our teams click very well together. We are building a good base to grow on in the future. After that, it is flexible to build add-ons.

It is an on-going process; we are building a base for future projects.

What are the current topics in the field of digital authentication?

The topical question everywhere now is, how to make digital banking more efficient and convenient for the customers? Secure KYC (Know Your Customer) processes will be used for customer onboarding for the services without having to go to the branch office. Besides biometrics there will also be more behavior metrics used in digital solutions in the near future. A risk-based authentication using these solutions give the service provider several variables to work with and greater convenience for the end users when the security process is adapted to the risk in each transaction.

In the end, it’s all about understanding the final user.

How will these affect the everyday life of people?

From the bank’s point of view, these automated tools will give more information based on the risk score. What does this bring to people’s everyday life? Definitely freedom. More services will be securely available online.

This requires constant analysis of the customer at all stages of the process. Our challenge is that we need to listen to the customers very intently. People demand more efficient banking solutions and banks have to meet that demand quickly. We must understand these needs to make the usability aspect convenient. If it’s not convenient for the users, it is not right. In the end, it is all about the end user.

Tällä juttupaikalla käsitellemme Samlinkin monimuotoista ekosysteemiä. Ekosysteemissä yritykset ja sidosryhmät tekevät yhdessä töitä haastaen toisiaan innovointiin ja perinteisten rajojen rikkomiseen. Ytimessä ovat aina asiakkaan tarpeet.